Slide Deck from Webinar on 25 Jul 2017 The slide deck for the webinar presented on July 25, 2017 on propane school buses.

Emergency Operating Procedures  Comprehensive Emergency Operating Procedures for Cargo Tank Motor Vehicles. 

Month Inspection Form  Department of Transportation Cargo Tank Motor Vehicle Monthly Inspection Report.

Required Items In Bobtail  Documents and Other Materials Required to be Carried on a Vehicle Transporting Propane (LP-Gas).

Hazardous Materials Registration Form  Under the federal hazardous material transportation law (49 W.S.C 5101 et seq.), registration information is required for each person that offers or transports any shipment of hazardous materials that requires placarding.  

Cylinder Filling Checklist  Form that can be used when refilling cylinders.

D.O.T. Motor Carrier Identification Report (Form 150) Motor Carrier ID report form which is required to be filed every two years. Required by the new DOT requirements as published in the Federal Register Dated 11/24/00.

Duty to Notify Brochure  Important information for consumers including sections of the Alabama law which prohibit anyone not licensed to service a propane system.

Record of Notification  A form which can be used to document when a company has been notified by a customer that work will be performed on that customer’s appliance/system by someone other than the servicing propane company.

Propane System Check Form A form to document appliances , container, regulator, pressure test and leak check information. 

Vehicle Inspection Report  This is the form used by the Alabama LP Gas Board to inspect bobtails in the industry. Download it and make sure your vehicles are in proper operating order before your State Inspector arrives. 

Alabama LP Gas Room Heater Law This is a copy of the Alabama law stating the types of heaters allowed to be installed in rooms.