Founded in 1939, the Alabama Propane Gas Association (APGA) is Alabama’s premier non-profit state trade association for businesses and individuals involved in the propane industry. APGA is an advocate for the propane industry in Alabama and provides safety training and workforce development programs to association members, industry professionals, and consumers alike.

The purpose of APGA is to promote the growth of the propane gas industry by sharing the many benefits of propane while advocating for propane as a superior energy source. We achieve this goal by combining the resources from the different segments of the propane industry into one collective and unified voice. We believe that by uniting these segments and combining their resources, APGA can more effectively promote consumer sales, increased market share, and the importance of propane as a superior fuel in all respects: safety, cleanliness, environmental benefits, efficiency, and economy.

APGA members are dedicated to providing Alabamians with a superior energy source that is safe, effective, and reliable. Our members represent businesses from every segment of the propane industry: marketers, manufacturers, distributors, transporters, gas producers, and their employees. APGA strives to unite these segments into a cohesive group with the purpose of working together to promote and encourage the growth of the propane industry.

APGA offers membership to dealers, suppliers, and affiliates involved with the propane industry in and around Alabama. Our current members include marketers, manufacturers, distributors, transporters, and gas producers.

Thank you for visiting the APGA website. We hope you find our website and the information we provide useful. If you would like more information on APGA membership, consumer information, or if you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the association office.