Plant operations are more safely and efficiently completed by individuals who have a thorough knowledge of ASME and DOT container maintenance, proper dispenser equipment operation, plant equipment inspections and maintenance. This three day program covers four main areas.  1) Maintaining ASME tanks, combustible liquids, ammonia contamination, purging/evacuating, flaring, replacing valves/fittings, corrosion protection, and protective coatings.  2) Maintaining DOT cylinders – examining, evaluating, and purging cylinders, replacing valves/fittings, requalification, and preparing for scrap.  3) Operating dispensing equipment to fill containers – by weight or volume, preparing cylinders for transportation and filling vehicle mounted ASME tanks.   4) Maintaining bulk plant equipment. *Attendees to this program must successfully complete Basic Principles and Practices to receive certification in this course.

Available Dates:

April 23-25, 2024

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For more information, email Laural Bunn at [email protected] or call 334-358-9590.